Feminine Pumpkin

I love Halloween! My son, Jack, also LOVES Halloween! He has been asking me when he can go to Halloween for about three months now. My favorite part of Halloween are the pumpkins! (And, the candy but this post is about pumpkins!) I have always loved everything about pumpkins. Their unique color and shape give way to so many creative ways to use them! I thought I had seen most of the ways to use pumpkins to decorate, but Better Homes and Gardens came up with this, and it is new to me! I LOVE IT! I like to roast my own pumpkin seeds, so most of the time I opt for carving my pumpkins. But, this is so fun I might have to get a small white pumpkin to cover with lace!



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3 responses to “Feminine Pumpkin

  1. That’s really lovely!! Maybe we can do some when I came up!

  2. Tommy

    I think you should get a bunch of pumpkins, take the seeds out, and explode them with massive amounts of firecrackers. I believe Jack would enjoy Halloween even more if it involved explosives.

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