My Halloween Fun

This Halloween I have been slowly adding to my decor. We were living in a smaller home before we moved so the decorations I had seemed to fill up the house. But, now they are barely cutting it! The things that I’ve made this year have been made using little to no money! Some materials were given to me by friends and other materials were purchased for other projects at some point! Here are a couple of the things that I made this year to add to our collection! The silhouettes are my favorite! Sherry over at Young House Love inspired me to take them on. They were much easier than I thought they would be! The hat boxes are a work in progress. I’ve painted them white because they didn’t match each other. But, I am trying to figure out what to add to them now. They look like a wedding cake to me instead of cute hat boxes. If any of you have an easy solution let me know! Another project I tackled is the wreath on my front door! I copied Itz Fitz on Etsy! And, I love it! It is bright and fun! I also love the little owl! Hopefully some of you have made some Halloween decorations too. Please, let me know about the ways you are decorating this Halloween!


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