Jack’s Candy Corn Shirt!

Jack loves candy corn. I kept that in mind when I started looking for a Halloween shirt for him to wear to school for his party. The two year olds don’t wear their costumes. So, I wanted him to wear a festive shirt.

I couldn’t find a candy corn shirt at a price I would pay for it! So, I purchased a long sleeve orange shirt (for $3.50) with intentions of painting a jack-o-lantern face on it. But, I got home and realized that a felt piece of candy corn would be fun!

I had never made a shirt using felt before so this was a new project for me! But, I love how it turned out.

I used a solid white piece of felt and added the three colors on top. I hot glued them in place so it would hold together a little better. I sewed it onto the t-shirt by hand because my machine is acting up. But, it turned out better. I like how it looks more homemade when it is hand stitched.

I cut letters out of felt to use as a guide for embroidering his name on it.

I wanted his name to look kind of hand written. It turned out looking hand written by a two year old.

I still like it although next time I will try to keep it neat!

– Special thanks to Anna for all the felt you left with me!!!

I will post a picture of Dean’s when I finish it!



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2 responses to “Jack’s Candy Corn Shirt!

  1. amanda, that is just the cutest shirt ever. Ask your mommy she will tell ya that your creativity probably spurns from all those shirt painting parties you guys had at my house with my girls when you were little! :>)

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