I wanted to show everyone the progress that I’ve made! I have a long way to go and only a month left. I think some things I will have to let go of and maybe put them on my next list but I guess that is why I have a list in the first place. To motivate me to accomplish some things that I would have forgotten about otherwise! If any of you have made a list or are thinking about making one let me know about it!!!


27 Things To Do Before I Turn 27

1. Take pictures for someone other than family.

2.Save money and buy and new camera lens or flash

3. Get pictures done with Jim and the boys, and Tylee and Stephen.

4. Find a great coffee shop or restaurant to be creative in.

5. Start an early morning routine.

6. Continue C25K

7. Clean my Mom’s House.

8. Start taking a women’s vitamin.

9. Make a list of things to continually pray for. (I’ve started this list but I don’t feel like it is complete. I think I won’t ever feel like it is complete)

10. Doodle and draw more.

11. Make a shirt and a skirt correctly.

12. Help Jack do puzzles.

13. Buy an amazing coffee mug for myself.

14. Make Jackson a football field rug!

15. Make the sun room more useful for the entire family.

16. Keep Jim in clean black socks.

17. Get Dean off a bottle. (I’ve cheated with this one a little but he can drink out of a sippy cup and a straw which was my real goal)

18. Get Jack comfortable with his puppy only in his bed.

19. Get some HIGH heels!

20. Get Jim’s gift organized and started.

21. Be outside everyday.

22. Eat breakfast with Jim on the back porch.

23. Watch Funny Face.

24. Start a monthly movie night.

25. Find a cute plaid shirt.

26. Plan November vacation.

27. Master the Ruby Tuesday Tall Cake!



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