Jack’s Halloween Party at Preschool!

I ventured into Jack’s preschool to help with a party for Halloween today! I had a great time and the kids were excited and very well behaved too!

I made the s’mores goody bags for the kids to take home. You can read the previous post on the s’mores goody bags here. I like how mine turned out! Hopefully the kids will enjoy making their own s’more at home!

The other mom that was helping brought some cute Monster Mash trail mix from Target! And also picked up plates and napkins too! Everything was so cute!

The black and white striped gift bags were for trick or treating at the little house I made out of cardboard. It turned out to be fun! The teachers sat all of the children down and then they came to the door when it was their turn! It was cute! Some of them said trick or treat and others would just hold out their bag! Then, there were a few that just looked at my basket of candy and then up at me! I could just see them saying something like gimme that candy lady! I think they had fun! It’s hard to tell with two year olds. I’m pretty sure they just wanted the candy! But all in all it was fun! Dean Thomas got to come too and he had his first sucker while we were there!

Jack got upset before class was over because he didn’t want me to go bye bye! So sweet! I needed some sweetness from my little man today!

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