# 19 Get some HIGH Heels – Check!

I found my HIGH Heels!  I love them.  When I spotted these I picked them up and admired them for a second and then put them back on the shelf.  I wanted to get them but I came in looking for a black or nude pair.  I was trying to be practical and shop for a pair of heels that I would be able to wear with the most outfits.  But, practicality went out the window when I couldn’t find another pair at the price of the RED pair!  I LOVE them and I also love Ross!  I’m hoping to find a pair of nude colored heels that I can wear with a navy blue dress that I have, but until then I will sport my red heels with my blue jeans!   The Bonus is that my winter coat is red too and they are a perfect match!  I’ve never been a shoe person.  I’ve always been a sneakers and blue jeans kind of girl.  I think I’m changing a little bit and I’m excited about it!



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9 responses to “# 19 Get some HIGH Heels – Check!

  1. Angie

    Uhhh… YEAH!!! I love them!!! These are fabulous!!! Way to rock em girl!!

  2. Amber

    Love those! What is left on your list?

    • I need to make a football field rug! I’m excited about it, but I won’t pay more than ten dollars for the fake green grass. I have to wait for it to be in stock or I will have to pay twice as much.

  3. Elise Bean

    Ooh…..pretty FMPs!

  4. Jenna

    No need to wait for nude…rock those red heels with your navy blue dress and gold accessories! Trust me!

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