She said, she said, they said…

So, Nicole over at Making it Lovely read a post from Joanne over at A CUP OF JO about Holiday Hair that was from a post on Martha Stewart Weddings about DIY Updos.  I wanted to try the holiday look!

What do you think?  I think it turned out ok.  It wasn’t difficult, but I used hot rollers instead of a curling iron.  My curls ended up being tighter but I like it anyways.  I hope when I try to do it for an actual party that it won’t turn out all messy.  I know it has to do with timing!  When I have time to play with my hair it turns out looking cute!  But, when I am getting ready for something it looks like a hot mess.  I always run out of time and throw it up into a pony tail.

This was easy but I did spend more time on it then I would normally spend getting ready.  I enjoyed it and sometimes I should take more time to make myself up.  I’m sure every mother out there has felt that way on occasion!  Hopefully, during the holiday season we can all enjoy some primping time to ourselves!



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2 responses to “She said, she said, they said…

  1. Love it, Amanda. It looks so adorable – and I’m sure with that ‘do, your jacket, and those awesome red heals, you are going to be the Belle of the Ball. 🙂

    I need a hair cut before I can attempt an up do like that.

    PS. I had that same situation with the link to her, her and her one day … 😉

  2. Elise Bean

    Very beautiful!!! You look gorgeous!! You really do look like Aunt Ruth in this picture. I love you! Mom

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