La fin

Here is my final list with everything I finished scratched out.  I wish I could have finished it all, but I’m happy about what I did finish!  I am already working on getting some things checked off of my next list.  This next year I’m going to change the rules a little. When I finish something on the list I’m going to ask you all to help me add something else to it!  It will keep the list at 28 things to do until I turn 28.  I hope it’s fun!  Thanks for reading and please comment!!!


27 Things To Do Before I Turn 27

1. Take pictures for someone other than family.

2.Save money and buy and new camera lens or flash

3. Get pictures done with Jim and the boys, and Tylee and Stephen.

4. Find a great coffee shop or restaurant to be creative in.

5. Start an early morning routine.

6. Continue C25K  (I don’t know if I will ever be able to check this off.)

7. Clean my Mom’s House. (I didn’t finish the entire house, but I did a good bit!)

8. Start taking a women’s vitamin. (I really don’t have an excuse for not doing this. I am just forgetful!)

9. Make a list of things to continually pray for.

10. Doodle and draw more.

11. Make a shirt and a skirt correctly.

12. Help Jack do puzzles.

13. Buy an amazing coffee mug for myself. (My friend Amber got me one!!! Thanks, Amber!)

14. Make Jackson a football field rug! You can see the post here

15. Make the sun room more useful for the entire family.

16. Keep Jim in clean black socks.

17. Get Dean off a bottle.

18. Get Jack comfortable with his puppy only in his bed. (I lost on this one! But, we will continue to work on it!)

19. Get some HIGH heels! You can see the post here

20. Get Jim’s gift organized and started.

21. Be outside everyday. (Some days we were only outside for a minute but we did it, except for the rainy days!)

22. Eat breakfast with Jim on the back deck. (Our breakfast ended up being unplanned but it was fun!)

23. Watch Funny Face. (I will post something about this soon!)

24. Start a monthly movie night. (I started a weekly movie night by myself! I LOVE IT!)

25. Find a cute plaid shirt. You can see the post here

26. Plan November vacation. (We decided not to take a November vacation.) But when I plan our next vacation I will cross this off!)

27. Master the Ruby Tuesday Tall Cake! You can see the post here



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  1. Jennifer

    For your daily vitamin, start getting the kids to take vitamins and you’ll remember to take yours too. They may remind you if you get the gummy vitamins. 🙂

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