#5 (from my old list) Start an early morning routine. – Check / New Blog Love!

One of my friends on Facebook posted a little something about this Blog!  (THANKS ADRIENNE!) The Inspired Room is so nice. I’ve really been enjoying it the last couple of days.  The  inspiration for this post came from her post Four Daily Routines: How I keep my house “clean enough.” I have been working on putting a morning routine together that would be effective while still making me feel relaxed and ready to take on the day.  My routine is slightly different than hers but it gave me a great starting point.

So here it is!

I wake up and wash my face and brush my teeth.  Get dressed and put my shoes and socks on.  Then I make my bed and clean up around my room a little bit.  (Once I make my bed I don’t want the rest of the room to be messy!)  I start a load of laundry. If the boys aren’t awake yet I have some time to read a little, make a cup of tea, or go ahead and make their breakfast!

This sounds kind of simple.  But for me it is a big change.  Before, I would get up when the boys woke me up.  That would take away all of my time. I would have to the get dressed while they were entertained by something else. Most days I wouldn’t get dressed until I needed to leave the house.  Which can be really nice sometimes, but not everyday!  So, here I am with a clean bedroom.  And, dressed and ready for anything!  (Mom, I bet you never thought it would happen!)



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2 responses to “#5 (from my old list) Start an early morning routine. – Check / New Blog Love!

  1. Jennifer

    I’m so proud of you!! I wish I could get into a daily routine to maintain the house. I feel like I’m always playing catch up!!

    • I’m always playing catch up too! That is why I’m trying to do this! It is a work in progress. Once life starts moving fast then I fall right out of it! I will keep you posted on my progress!

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