It’s been looking a lot like Christmas!

I put my Christmas tree up a couple days before Thanksgiving so that on Thanksgiving night my family could help me decorate!  We watched some Christmas movies and strung some popcorn and my almost 3 year old hung some Christmas ornaments!  He thought every ornament was beautiful.  He even found a packing peanut that he had to hang on the tree.  I noticed today that the bottom of the tree is looking a little bare.  I’ve been moving ornaments because my other little one is crawling over and pulling them off.  With all of the craziness that this season brings we have really been enjoying our Christmas decorations this year!  Jack has loved watching Christmas movies, and Dean has loved trying as hard as he can to get his hands on everything.  I am so excited for Jackson this Christmas because it is his first year where he is excited about Santa.

Here are a couple of pictures of our Home this Christmas!

I love my big tin bucket that the tree sits in!  Pottery Barn was using the same kind of tin buckets to hold presents in their catalog this season.  I thought the tree would look great in it.

I used the silhouettes for my Autumn/Halloween decor on the mantel and decided to keep them. I wanted to put the picture of Jim and I up so I kept the silhouettes so we were all on the mantel.  (Sorry about the quality of the picture!)

Crate and Barrel used the strung popcorn and pom-poms in there catalog this season and I loved it. So, I thought I would try my hand at it! They did a  much better job, but I still really like mine!



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2 responses to “It’s been looking a lot like Christmas!

  1. mary e

    hey manda! how does your tree stay up in the bucket??? i really like the aesthetic and am wondering how it works. merry christmas!

    • My tree is fake and just happens to fit in it exactly right. I used the same stand that came with the tree. We have a really nice fake tree though! My first thought was that I was going to need some bricks to keep it in place or to lift it up a little. But, I didn’t need them. I’m not sure how I would do it if I had a real tree. But, the bucket is so big that stands for a real tree should fit in it too. I would probably look for a tree that fanned out and up at the bottom.
      Merry Christmas to you too!!!

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