9. Cut out a lot of our tv time – Check!

This week has been crazy! Dean had an eye appointment that didn’t go as I thought it would go. Then I got sick with a high fever which lead to a completely messy house. I’m still not feeling my best but at least I am able to stay awake most of the day. I did manage to get the grocery shopping done.  But, while all of this was going on I decided that in order to cut back on TV time we needed to put a reward chart up so that Jack had to do things to be able to watch a movie.  He has successfully taken to his movie rewards chart and has been eating his food and cleaning his room in order to get a sticker on the chart!  It is making for a much nicer Jack!  Although, he has been to stubborn to do somethings which has lead to no sticker.  But, that is a much better punishment than me counting three.  I hope it continues to work well!  He only watched two movies today and didn’t watch any tv.  Woo Hoo!  And, I get to check #9 off my list!


I didn’t have a picture to post so I picked this one that I love of my one year old Jack!



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