My insecurities

1. My motherhood

2. My style

3. My personality

4. My ignorance

5. My unorganized life

These five insecurities keep me from living a joyful life day in and day out.  I have often treated others poorly because I feel uncomfortable being me.

How do you overcome insecurities?  When do you accept the things that make you who you are and love them, or change who you are for the better.

I’m struggling with these five things and pray that God will show me how to live above them.  Insecurities change as we change, and morph into other things.  I’m on a journey with God to figure out how I can overcome these things through Him.  I will probably post some more about this but I wanted to let all of you know about it.  I would love any of your thoughts.  I think recognizing where our insecurities are is the very first step to overcoming them.

Sweet Blessings,




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9 responses to “My insecurities

  1. RLott

    “Insecurities change as we change, and morph into other things.” That’s such a great thought. I also love that you mention how insecurities cause us to treat others poorly. I know that my insecurities often manifest as jealousy or schadenfreude.

    • Rhani,
      I really appreciate your comments!
      I think it is interesting how you interpreted that sentence. We do treat people badly because of what we are feeling. In Sunday school this past Sunday someone commented on how even just exaggerating something is an action that comes from insecurity sometimes. And exaggerating is a form of lying. I am guilty of exaggerating and hope that I will take notice of it the next time I start to do it.
      What I intended that sentence to mean is that when we overcome an insecurity and learn and grow from it, we end up becoming insecure about something new. I’m hoping to find a way to recognize my insecurities when they start to manifest so that I can stomp them out and live a more Joyful life!
      Do you think that there are insecurities that we are never able to get past?

  2. Making the Commonplace Unusual

    Thank you for being an inspiration! I love you!

  3. There may be some insecurities that we aren’t meant to get past. Some of these insecurities make up who we are. There just comes a point when you get tired of banging your head against a wall trying to fight something that is deeply seeded in who we are that you accept it as a part of your personality and move on to appreciate the things about you that God gave you.

    • I do think that God gives us strengths and weaknesses. But I don’t think we are meant to be insecure about them. I think we are supposed to understand them and accept them. Just like you said! I love that we have to accept ourselves and our imperfections. It makes it so much easier to love someone else and their imperfections. I want find a method for recognizing and confronting my insecurities, so I can grow from them instead of hurting others or being hurt myself by them.

      As a reply to your second post, I completely agree! I don’t want to have the same insecurities forever. I hope that I can grow from mine. I want to stop looking at insecurities as negative, but try to look at them as something positive. Something that is helping me grow and make healthier and better decisions!

  4. One more thing I forgot to add: Insecurities are also a way to avoid becoming stagnant. They force us to grow and constantly challenge ourselves. Most mothers who think they are the best mothers around are usually not as wonderful as they perceive themselves to be. There was a study that showed people who are inept usually have a much higher opinion of their work and themselves while people who are naturally very good at what they do constantly doubt themselves.

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