My Insecurities part two

My Unorganized Life (My Insecurities)

I have always been unorganized.  My intentions on the first day of school were good.  My folders were colored coordinated.  My extra pencils were sharpened and put in there pouch.  Every little thing was ready.  But, at the end of the week day my organization was shot because it didn’t work for what my teachers were planning.  I didn’t always understand the way my teachers wanted things organized so I lost hope and everything ended up shoved in the same giant folder.

I think I can say that I’m much  more organized now, but the things that bother me are the junk drawers junk closets in my house and my time management!  The junk closets and drawers will get organized eventually but, my biggest improvement as of yet are my morning and evening routines.  Doing these things help me feel calm and ready for the day.

These routines made for a very nice calm Sunday morning before church. (Granted we live 5 minutes from church and I don’t have to be there until 10ish)

Evening routine:

  • load dishwasher
  • pick out clothes for Jack, Dean, and Myself
  • take a shower and blow dry hair
  • make to do list for the next day
  • clean up around the house

Morning routine

  • make the bed/open curtains and blinds
  • get dressed/straighten hair/make-up
  • unload dishwasher
  • start a load of clothes
  • eat breakfast with the boys
  • get the boys dressed
  • look over to do list

I did these things most of these things last night and this morning and it made for a nice Sunday morning!  I was calm this morning so instead of rushing in and waking up the boys, I put on their favorite Bible songs and they woke up happy and smiling instead of cranky!  Jackson was so excited and Dean was dancing!  Normally in the Morrow house there are no smiles before breakfast.  This was a big beautiful improvement! Hopefully I can continue to work on perfecting my evening and morning routines because they really make for a peaceful start to any day.

I am just like I was as a young student when I try to comprehend the organization of God’s will.  I pray that God will reveal to me his way of organizing my life to coincide with his will.  I think that God’s organization is incredibly to intense for me to comprehend and I pray that I can open myself and my home to him.  I pray that I can become more efficient at living daily so that when he sends something my way I can easily understand it and tackle it.

Sweet Blessings,




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5 responses to “My Insecurities part two

  1. Karen

    When I think of “organized”- I think of bringing order to something in a way that makes things better. When I look at your pictures on your blog I am so struck. You have such an incredible way of capturing life in a photo- I can almost feel and hear the person breathing when I look at it…and objects- well I see them with a fresh perspective when I look at the “things” you share through your photography. I am in awe at the way you “ORGANIZE” what you see and for me- it truly makes the objects “better” and the people ALIVE capturing heart and spirit.

    When I read your blog, I hear of the places where you desire more “organization”…I am so grateful that in spite of those places that leave you feeling insecure YOU STILL GIVE through your photography and the way you “organize” your words in this blog. The way that you are present with people. You are truly beautiful. I am grateful and celebrating YOU! Thank you God for Amanda!!!!!

  2. RLott

    Your routine is very impressive to me.

  3. Randy Scott

    I’m so encouraged that junk drawers and junk closets eventually get organized…after 37 years of marriage I was beginning to wonder 🙂

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