Sweet Things for Valentine’s Day

I have loved the candy airplane Valentines since I first saw them a couple years back.  When I saw them they were made with smarties, but I had some PEZ lying around from left over Christmas candy and thought they would look neat. I think they look a little more chic!  So, I made his with PEZ and I’m really happy with the result! I’m not sure where the original came from but you can find them here, and here.

Here is one of Jack’s Candy Airplanes.  I also attatched a message cloud on the back that said “Happy Valentine’s Day – Jack.”

Dean is only one and his little class is full of one year olds too!  So, I wanted his Valentine’s treats to be age appropriate!  30 Handmade Days is where I snagged this idea!  But, I put cereal in the bag instead so the little ones could enjoy it.  I also don’t have colored ink for my printer right now, so I just used markers

And here is Jack’s Valentine’s Day shirt!  I used transfer paper, but forgot to cut carefully around everything before I started ironing.  You can see the blocks of transfer paper around the words and heart!  But, I think it turned out fine.  He likes that the heart is colored!  (I don’t have red ink so I used a red marker on the transfer! )  Dean is using Jack’s Valentine’s Day shirt from last year.



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2 responses to “Sweet Things for Valentine’s Day

  1. Ashley Kelly

    You prob don’t even know that I read your blog… but I’m a big fan…. and I LOVE the airplane valentine! You’re just so creative!

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