I’m feeling Patriotic!

It might be the hours of West Wing I’ve been watching, or the glimpse of summer days! But, either way I have been thinking about July Fourth! So, here are a couple of cute finds!

I’m loving the simple American flag throw pillow.

The stars and stripes collar is so fun! And, they have added little magnets in the collar so the flap stays close to the collar and doesn’t flap around.

I love striped straws and finally found a source!

The Water-resistant tote with tent canvas lining is really very cute!  I would take it to the beach or a day out on the water!

Cute diaper cover!



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2 responses to “I’m feeling Patriotic!

  1. RLott

    For Christmas this year, Brad bought me the entire West Wing on DVD. I am obsessed.

    • Jim got it from a friend and I was upset! Last time I watched I was pregnant with Jack and I’m guessing I was a little emotional! But, I’ve re-watched it a lot since then and love it!

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