Mommy’s favorite show and Jack’s favorite chick!

My sweet brother bought Jim and I a Wii for Christmas a couple years back and I immediately fell in love with Super Mario Galaxy!  Jackson started calling it Mommy’s favorite show because I was playing it a lot! But, when we moved to Savannah our Wii wouldn’t turn on.  I don’t know if I was  plugging it  in wrong (which is a big possibility), but it wouldn’t work in a couple of different outlets in the house.  We have been in Savannah for nine months and I was finally getting around to going to get the replacement power box.  I thought I would try to plug it in one more time before I went to the store. And, it turned right on!  I am sure it was operator error, but we haven’t used our Wii since we packed it up when we were getting ready to move to Savannah.  I popped Super Mario Galaxy in and started playing and Jack came up and said “Hey, it’s your favorite show!”

Since I had yellow candy leftover from making the leprechaun hats for St. Patrick’s Day I was itching for something to use it for!  So, here they are my Super Mario Galaxy Luma Cake Pops!  I’m in love!

I still had a lot of yellow so I made some chicks for Jack too! He loves them!  Bakerella’s were better. But, I used what i had! Next time I’ll be getting the sprinkles she used.



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2 responses to “Mommy’s favorite show and Jack’s favorite chick!

  1. Amy Kraft

    I love both, but especially the super mario brother stars! So creative!

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