T-Ball here we come!

Jack’s very first word was ball.  Balls were his favorite toy and his favorite topic of conversation.  In fact, he only said ball for a good three or four months!  He loved to play with any kind of sports ball he could get his hands on!  His favorite ball was a football. But, since they don’t let 3 years olds play football we signed him up for t-ball.

We planned a picnic for today, so I decided to pick up a glove and give it to him as a present and surprise him with t-ball!  He was so excited to have his own glove, and is hopefully going to enjoy practice tonight! I really hope he enjoys it!  (And, doesn’t get eaten alive by gnats!)

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4 responses to “T-Ball here we come!

  1. Ashley Kelly

    SOOOO cute!! You’ve gotta make him left handed though! Left handed baseball players are a hot commodity!

  2. Aunt Rosie

    Oh how I wished we lived closer!. I hope Jack had a wonderful time. He and Aiden would have a grat time together. Aiden always has a ball in his hand; football, basketball, Lacrosse ball and stick, bat and ball, soccer ball. He tells me he is playing all of them….hockey too. Let me know how he enjoyed it!

    • We wished you all lived closer too! He had a good time. But, was slightly obsessed with the big shiny new park behind him! Hopefully next week he will participate more. I might try taking him early and letting him play before he has practice.

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