Downtown Disney

Jim and I decided to go to Universal alone, so we were feeling a little guilty about not doing something fun with the boys as well.  We decided that Downtown Disney would be exciting.   And, it really was!  The Lego store was my favorite.  Jackson was completely overwhelmed by it, and we had to point things out that would interest him.  His little eyes were darting every which way.  He did find a Toy Story Train on his own and that ended up coming home with us.  He enjoyed playing at the lego table with Dean Thomas and Daddy.  Jim and I really liked the wall of legos that are separated by color.  (I know I’m a nerd,  but I want a wall like that!)  When you leave there is a station where you can build  a lego car and race it!  Jack  was excited to build his car with his Daddy, and he raced his car two or three times.  The boys were mesmerized by the giant figures built out of legos.  Jack’s favorite was the green dragon in the lake.   After the Lego store we headed to the toy store where Daddy and Jackson used there puzzle skills and shoved as many Mr. Potato Head pieces into a box for $20!  Dean Thomas found a giant Woody the cowboy hanging from the ceiling and he couldn’t stop pointing at it.  Then we went to The Rainforest Cafe for lunch.  It was really fun!  Jackson still talks about the alligator, elephants, and “glalillas.”  There was a thunder storm a couple of times while we were there and the boys loved it.  Dean would just scream and laugh and Jack would pretend to be scared!  We had so much fun on our trip, but we are glad to be home and are excited about life with Jim out of school!

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  1. Mom

    I love love love the pics!! BB

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