Jack’s quotes from facebook


I have been wanting to collect all of Jack’s quotes on facebook and finally took the time to do it! I hope you will enjoy reading some of these again as much as I did!

They start at the bottom but you can read them backwards if you wish!

5/26/11 – ‎”You just spit all over my face.” – Me
“Hehe, sorry.” – Jack

5/25/11 – Jackson has had a funny day today! Earlier I asked him to go get his shoes and he told me he couldn’t. I started to count to three and he said “Ok, ok.” He came back with Mr. Potato Head’s shoes stuck between his toes. He looked up at me with his serious face. I couldn’t help but laugh at him!

5/25/11 – “Come on Jackson, it is time to go to Michael’s.” – Me
“Mommy, I don’t want to Mike’s.” – Jack
“You mean Michael’s.”
“No I mean Mike’s.”

5/25/11 – ‎”Mommy, I don’t want to get a vaccination at the doctor, but Baby Dean can get one.” – Jack

5/22/11 – “Mommy, I want you to say ok, Jackson time out is over!” – Jack

5/9/11 – Jackson picked up our umbrella and said I’m gonna give you a tail! 🙂

5/8/11 – This morning Jack hit me in the head with his water bottle. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! 🙂

4/27/11 – Jackson was told that he wasn’t allowed to watch the new Harry Potter movie until he was 13. But, when we got his t-ball uniform he turned out to be #13! He immediately turned to me and said “MOMMY! I’m 13! Now, I can watch the new Harry Potter!”

4/16/11 – ‎”You are my favorite Jackson.” – Me
“Yes, I am.” – Jack

4/7/11 – “I don’t want to go to Target. It is so far away. I just want to go to Kroger.” – Jack
Subtext: I like the car cart at Kroger much better than the two seater red cart at Target.

3/18/11 – ‎”I want to watch that Harry Potter.” – Jack
“You’re too little.” – Me
“I’m not little, I’m big!”

2/20/11 – ‎”I wanna watch Uncle Cameron get milk.” – Jack

2/17/11 – ‎”Look, Cranky is flying!” – Jack
“Wow, did someone give him some pixie dust?” – Me
“No, Buzz Lightyear dust.”

2/16/11 – ‎”Come here Suga Booga.” – Me
“I’m not your Suga Booga, I’m your Cheese Booga!” – Jack

2/7/11 – “Mommy, I want to watch the super ball.” – Jack

2/2/11 – ‎”Move AWAY from that juice!” – Jack
“Um, what?” – Me
“Mommy, excuse me, Move AWAY from that juice!”

1/19/11 – ‎”I wanna watch Charlie Brown Christmas.” – Jack
“No.” – Me
“Are we gonna watch Friends?”
“Oh, that will be so much fun!”

1/10/11 – “The wise man builds his house upon the potty! The wise man builds his house upon the potty!” – Jack

1/9/10 – ‎”Everybodywaskungfufightingheeeyah!” – Jack

1/8/11 – ‎”Animals love me! I will build an ark so they can go in it with me.” – Jack

1/5/11 – ‎”I want my friends to eat a piece of my birthday cake!” – Jack

12/21/10 – ‎”Mommy you can be Mary, and Daddy will be Joseph.” – Jack
“What are you going to be?” – Mommy
“I will be the Donkey.”
“What will Baby Dean be?”
“He will be Baby Jesus and we will lay him in the hay.”

12/19/10 – “Big Jesus is in my belly button.” – Jack

12/16/10 – ‎”Is Olivia going to get a birthday present?” – Jack
“She sure is.” – Mommy
“I’d love to see Olivia. She is so nice.” – Jack

12/10/10 – ‎”Daddy is my favorite Daddy. He loves me.” – Jack

12/8/10 – ‎”Kids LIKE strawberry jam!” – Jack

12/7/10 – “Santa is a good father to me. Daddy is a good father too. Mommy you are a good Mother. And baby Dean is a good baby. And, I’m a good boy.” – Jack

12/4/10 – “I’m gonna get strong and play football!” – Jack

11/29/10 – Jackson is taking sunglasses from people. I have four pairs at my house and only one of them is mine. I think two of the others are spoken for but if anyone else is missing a pair let me know! Mom, and Valerie I have your sunglasses! (Again, not a quote but still funny!)

11/22/10 – Jackson saw me making a cookie and he said “That is excellent!”

11/12/10 – Jackson has been vehemently humming the Harry Potter theme song! I am hoping to catch him on video so you can all witness this craziness! (This isn’t a quote but it is cute!)

11/10/10 – Jackson had a funny conversation with himself today!
“My shoes are broooowwwnnn!”
“I like brown.”
“Can I have some brownies?”

11/4/10 – ‎”No Mommy don’t kiss me! I a Big Boy!” – Jack

11/2/10 – ‎”Can I Snuggle with you?” – Jack

10/26/10 – I asked Jack what he wanted Daddy to be for Halloween and he said the Forte Giant. Then I asked him what he wanted Mommy to be for Halloween and he said a chicken!

10/25/10 – Last night at dinner Jim and I ordered our drinks and Jack piped up after us and said “I would like some Lemolade.” When we ordered our food he piped up again and said “I would like some french fries and chickeeeen.”

9/18/10 – Jackson asked me to sing Happy Birthday to everyone and everything all the way home! We even sang happy birthday to the color brown. He asked me to sing happy birthday to poop and potty. I couldn’t do it!



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8 responses to “Jack’s quotes from facebook

  1. Amy

    LOVE them! My two favorites are the shoes from Mr. Potato head and when he asked you to say time out is over. 🙂

  2. Cathy Kelly

    Amanda..these are precious! Something to look back on years from now. What a great idea! You are such a good mommy, and I am so proud of you!
    Love you!
    Aunt Cathy

  3. Mom

    I agree with Aunt Cathy! I wish I could remember all the funny things he has said to me while cuddled up in your bed. He is such a smart little man and I love him so much! BB

  4. Jen kane

    I like the one about watching Friends, lol.

  5. Becki Cusimano

    Oh, Amanda–these are great! So good that you are writing them down. I wish I had all the funny things Trevin said when we was that age. Save them for his graduation scrapbook-ha! The Mr. Potato Head shoe thing cracked. me. up. Life is going to be very fun around your house!

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