Ok, so I am making progress on my list but I figured I should put an updated list up so I can see it and all of you can see my progress as well!  I only have a couple more months left!  Wish me luck!

28 things to do before I turn 28

1. Update my wardrobe
2. Start challenges with more people (Get all of our closets organized)
3. Put some pictures up in our house
4. Get some cute boots for myself
5. Set a fancy table more often
6. Learn caligraphy
7. Plan Dean’s first birthday and photograph it
8. Plan Jack’s third birthday and photograph it
9. Cut out a lot of our tv time
10. Write out a daily schedule and follow it most of the time
11. Continue to work on photography – My camera broke for a while and still isn’t working properly but I am using it for cake pop stuff!
12. Finish the rest of my 27 things to do before I turn 27
13. Paint a painting
14. Start a game night I’m part of a small group now and we have a game night coming up!  But, the small group is taking the place of game night!  🙂
15. Help Dean get out of the crib and into a bed
16. Help Jack to sleep in a regular bed
17. Read Anna Karenina
18. Let my hair grow out  I just cut my hair!  Oops!  🙂
19. Try new foods asparagus, broccoli,  cheesecake, cheddar cheese bread, and parmasean cheese
20. Go snow skiing
21. Try my hand at quilting
22. Make some jewelry out of felt beads
23. Make snowballs for next Christmas
24. Finish Jim’s graduation gift – I’m still working on this!
25. Continue writing on my blog
26. Do more DIY projects
27. Teach Jack how to ride a bike – He knows how but he is scared. We are working on it!  🙂
28. Go on a family road trip


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  1. as for #21 lets get together on that one, would love that

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