Rainy Day Dinner

Tonight we had rainbow pancakes for dinner which I found here.  It was super easy to bring up Noah and his story and God’s love for us, with these sitting on the table! Of course, we didn’t keep the boys’ attention for long.   Our meal took a quick turn to burps and bad manners!  But, I’m glad we got a quick word in first!

After I made all the colors I started thinking they would be really fun to make for game days!

You could make them in your team colors!

Not everyone has had the privilege of seeing Dean’s crazy face!   But don’t worry!  I finally caught it on camera for you!  Although in person it’s a million times better!

He likes rainbow pancakes!



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2 responses to “Rainy Day Dinner

  1. dj caudle

    I am glad that I got to see the crazy face in person!!! Love the pancakes and the pictures! You guys are all too cute!

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