Jack’s new shoes

So, I was super excited to take Jack to the consignment shop today to buy some new clothes!  When we got there he tried to run around the store.  He was in trouble until he found the book section.  He had a great time reading books while I shopped but when I spotted these red high tops he looked up from his book and walked over.  I had already picked up a pair of shoes, so I asked him which pair of shoes he wanted.  He excitedly picked the red shoes!  I WAS SO PROUD!

I have had red high tops on my wish list for Jack for a while now.  But, I was waiting for a good reason to get them. $6.50 was THE perfect reason!  He was so excited and I was filled with joy!  I think God blesses us in little ways like this to fill our hearts with joy!  I pray all of you will receive a joyful blessing today!



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2 responses to “Jack’s new shoes

  1. Kim Kraft

    One of Kyle’s first fun pair of shoes were a red pair of Converse Hightops and he loved them. They look as cute on Jack as I remember them on Kyle. These pictures made my day! What a sweet blessing and precious memory for today! Love Ya, Kim

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