My Aunt calls her daughters Joy, and Sunshine.  I think it is so sweet to know that you bring joy and warmth to a persons soul!  My children definitely bring joy and warmth to my soul!  Of course we have rough days.  But, they constantly make me smile!  Jack says some of the funniest things and Dean is such a happy little thing!  I can’t wait for him to talk and share his thoughts with us!  One of my friends has said that same thing a couple of times and I am so excited that he is getting so close!  He is talking a little but he still doesn’t have enough vocabulary under his belt to tell us what he thinks or how he feels.  But his faces can tell us!  I wanted to share a couple of recent shots of his cute expressions!  (At least I think they are cute!)  🙂



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2 responses to “JOY

  1. Valerie

    I love him!! Jack & Dean are the two most wonderful boys ever!!

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