The Boy’s First Day of School!

This week was a special week in our house!  I got some free time back!  Woo Hoo!  The boys started school this week and they are loving it!  I was slightly disappointed with our first day/drop off situation.  Dean didn’t mind that I was leaving him there, which is amazing!  I was so glad that he took right to it.  But, Jack wasn’t excited.  He wanted to go back to school and had talked about for the last month of summer.  But, when we got there he was all like “ok, bye Mommy. I’ll see you later.”  So, it was kind of dull.  No one was excited and no one was upset.  Then I started thinking about how amazing it is that my boys feel so comfortable at our church.  They are loved and cared for and we couldn’t be more blessed by the time they are able to spend with their teachers!  I’m so excited for them!  So, here are some quick pics of their first day!

Jack didn’t want me to take pictures because he was ready to go to school.  This was the best shot of him.  The rest were annoyed faces or cheesy grins.  I love this boy!

Dean Thomas was ready to go too!  He loved wearing his backpack, but he couldn’t walk very well with it on.  He would take one step forward and two or three steps backward!  But, he didn’t want me to take it off!

This seems like the perfect time to show you my amazing new buddy!  Isn’t he dreamy!

When we arrived at the church Jim came out to meet us and walk the boys to their classes!  Dean was trying to be such a big boy!

At the end of the day I took a couple of shots in their car seats.  They were both exhausted.











I’m glad this first week went smoothly!  Dean is already singing songs from class and talking about shapes that we had not learned at home!  I’M SO EXCITED FOR HIM!!!  It is going to be a fun year!


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