Sharing experiences

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve thought about the time I cut into my hand.  I was 9 and I made a big mistake!  I went to the kitchen and got a knife to cut a piece of candy.  But, the candy slipped and I cut my hand instead.  I have had a scar there since then and I had never showed it to Jackson.  Today turned out to be that day…

He was standing at the counter on a chair when I walked into the kitchen.  I didn’t see what he was doing until I got a little closer.  He was pulling the knives out and putting them back into their holder.  I told him that he didn’t need to be playing with those and showed him my scar.  I explained what had happened and how scary it was.  He listened and walked off without a word.  Then a couple minutes later he came back and asked me if I was little like him when it had happened.  I told him that I was little.  And, he said “I’m so sorry that you hurt your hand.”  Then he asked “How did you make it better?”  I told him about the shots that they gave me and how much it hurt and,  how they had to sew up my hand.  He asked me if it was like when he got a shot once, and I told him that it was but, that it hurt a lot more.  I was telling him the truth but I felt like it was a little to gruesome for him.  I think in this case he needed to be scared.

Do any of you feel differently?  Do you have a better approach to handling something like this?


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