Jackson has never liked to color or draw.  Even when he was little he would take a crayon scribble a little and then put it down.  I’ve been concerned that it would affect his writing.  So, I went in search of something that could help.  Like this (drawing in sand) or this (painting over chalk with water).  Both of which are fun and we will probably do, but I wanted him to learn to hold a pencil and write his name.  My plan was to make a dotted name sheet with a font from dafont.  But, then I found a site on pinterest!  (Anybody else obsessed with pinterest?)

I clicked on the print style worksheets and then clicked on the Name and Sentence print worksheets.  I typed Jack’s name into the form on the left and added some spaces in between each one so that he was able to clearly see when each name started and ended.  Then I printed it out for FREE!  Woo Hoo!

He was excited about it and it helped that he got to use a marker that smelled like sunshine.

I did the first two for him to show him how.  Then he got started!

I think he did GREAT!!!  We will be doing this everyday!


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