Blue’s Clues before Bed!

Jack and Dean Thomas love Blue’s Clues and today they wanted to play Blue’s Clues. So, here we go!


He has his red crayon and he is ready to go!


Our first clue was the shower!



Our next clue was their toothbrushes!
(At this point I was the most excited player!)


They were on their way to find the last clue!



Their bed was the last clue!


He sat down in his thinking chair and checked out the clues.



Dean did this!

Jack said “We need to take a shower, brush our teeth, ad go to bed! But, I want to watch a movie!”


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Schedule Time

The boys got a cute leap frog puzzle for Christmas from my Aunt and Uncle. It is a schedule puzzle and they have been so excited to see what their day will entail! So, I made the some cards to make their schedule everyday. The cards have more options than the puzzle. Jack is really excited!!!!



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Twelve Days of Christmas (Day 3)

Today Katie showed her Christmas tree.  So, I am going to show you our Christmas tree!  I stuck with red and green.  And, put a little less ornaments on it than normal.  Dean Thomas enjoys taking everything off the tree so the bottom is starting to look kind of sad.  The lights have been pulled off on the bottom too.  But HEY, it’s ours!  🙂   Jackson was really proud of the angel he made at church!  I actually cried when he gave it to me because he drew a face on it.  It was  the first time I had seen him draw a face before!  I will keep that angel for always!  This is a tree only  a mother could love,  maybe next year I’ll put more effort into it.  This year I didn’t want to worry about it because it was going to get pulled on and have  toys thrown in it.  So, here it is!

We have a real tree for the first time this year and we put our fake tree in the dining room.  (Pictures of it  will come soon!)


Jackson’s angel!

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12 Days of Christmas (Day 2)


Today Katie’s post was a list of the photos she wanted to catch of her family and the activities they had plan this holiday season!  She is a photographer so her pictures are gorgeous!  I’m hoping to study up on my photography some more and try to take some good shots this year!  Here is my list.  It is much shorter than hers but I think it covers the important things  for us!

 I did get a couple of these shots already and I will share them soon!


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Twelve Days of Christmas Day 1

I’m going to try to participate in Katie Bower’s 12 Days of Christmas!  I’m excited!  Today she shared her holiday card so I am going to share mine too!  I shared the pictures I took of the boys last week, but I had not shared the card yet.  So, here it is!

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season filled with sweet blessings!

I’m excited to take part in this fun Christmas event online and hopefully I will be inspired to make some fun things!  And, maybe I can get the boys in on some of this Christmas fun!

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Red Elf Again!

I was trying to keep up with Red Elf on here, but I forgot to take a picture of him from day 8.   So, I was trying to catch him after the boys went to bed get a make up picture, but I haven’t done it yet.  I decided to go ahead and let you all see what he has been up to over here!

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My Christmas Pinterest Project!

I spotted this Santa Painting that Katie DIY’ed over on her blog Bower Power.  I  LOVED it, but we are trying to keep the focus on Christ instead of Santa so, I wanted something more religious.  I looked for a picture of the Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that I could turn into a duotone  photo for this project.  I found tons that were very detailed and would have been really difficult to transfer onto plywood.  I started looking for coloring pages and I found this one!  I grabbed it from this website!  I hope you like it!

Notice Red Elf in Dean’s Stocking!  🙂


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